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Watermelon Salad

Chef AJ shared on Nutmeg Notebook
So refreshing and sweet - it could be dessert!


  • watermelon cubed
  • Persian cucumbers sliced -not too thin a little thicker is better
  • fresh mint chopped to taste
  • fresh lime juice to taste


  • This is not an exact recipe but rather a method. You want more watermelon then cucumbers – maybe twice as much watermelon as cucumber. Add fresh chopped mint to taste and just before serving squeeze fresh lime juice to taste over it all and gently stir to incorporate the juice.
  • If you have some leftover the next day Chef AJ says to pop it into your blender and make a refreshing watermelon lime mint beverage! This recipe is so popular when I make it that there isn’t any leftover to make into a drink!
  • Recipe shared with permission from Chef AJ